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Basement Waterproofing Our Guarantee to You


FREE In-Home Inspection

We will provide you with a no obligation free in-home inspection within 24 hours of requesting an in-home inspection. Your free in-home inspections will be within hours if it's for emergency service.


FREE Written Estimate

You will receive a free written estimate after we have inspected your basement. The services provided and corresponding cost will be outlined in a simple, easy-to-understand written estimate.


Lifetime Guarantee

All of American Dry Basement's work is guaranteed for life! It's also transferable to any new owner of your property upon it's sale. We offer the only dry basement guarantee in the industry.


Our $250 Cash Guarantee Why Our Competitors Hate Us

  • Introduction
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Foundations

Our Guarantee

  • 1. The Challenge +

    Take a few minutes, and watch a couple of our videos. Specifically, view both the Introduction and Warranty videos.
  • 2. Shop Around +

    After watching these video, get estimates from the competition. Ask them if they offer a lifetime guarantee, if they can have a building inspector come to inspect their work. Ask them if their work is up to the standard of your local building code.
  • 3. Cash In +

    If you receive a free written estimate from American Dry and the competition, yet you still have another company service your home. We'll give you $100. No questions asked. We're that confident that we offer the best product, guarantee and price in the industry.
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